Dynamic Flows announces the launch of his CRM module, an unique and modern view of your customer relations

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solution gives you an instant connection to your Customer information in term of details, contacts, account, activities, e-mails and documents traceability  and the ability to drive your sales.

Automate alerts, approvals & proactive updates

Capture e-mails, contacts, social and Web leads or tickets

The Dynamic FLows CRM is directly integrated in your Microsoft Outlook (Add-In), integrated with LinkedIn, your VoIp softphones, …

The Dynamic Flows CRM offer you the ability to extract all your data to automate a marketing campaign and e-mailing management.

“The functional coverage of our CRM module is broad and ranges from operational to collaborative features.  In its standard version, it meets most of the needs of the majority of companies, which in turn optimizes your budget”


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