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One collaborative tool for your digital transformation

Dynamic Flows creates user-friendly and efficient innovative applications that are directly integrated in the user’s mailbox, Microsoft Office, Windows and Smartphones for the purpose of centralising information related to e-mails, documents and other shared information. The Mission of Dynamic Flows is to develop intelligent software applications aiming at making user`s life easier and increase business productivity and security, thanks to artificial intelligence and workflow automation.

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The perfect combination, integrated in your environment

The heart of the application is a Document Management System with an advanced ADD-on to MS Office, integration with MS Exchange, Windows and connectors via Web Services to SharePoint, MS Dynamics, CRM Dynamics, Navision and many other ERP’s and CRM.

We take enterprise file sharing to a whole new level. Our content services platform allows teams to work however they want, wherever they are, with a seamless, collaborative workflow.

One global solution designed by users for users to share, secure, collaborate on company information.


Document Management System

You can share files across your organization with peace of mind. Store and manage any file type in Dynamic Flows, with built in viewer for a large set of file types.


Review & docflow

Multiple Workflows and multiple forms to fit all kind of situations. Custom workflow designer allows admins to create an unlimited number of workflows.


Client management

We gives you the tools to manage all your customer interactions in one place, easily and efficiently. With Outlook integration that brings your customer info.


Create task

Automatically assign and prioritize your tasks and get more done with a to-do list. Easily assign tasks to your employees to fit the organization’s processes.



Invoice your time

Effortlessly track time for projects and fill your timesheets when you handle a task, send an email, edit a document, or call any customer. Convert your work meetings into timesheets.




Anywhere accesible

Click to Sign a document or make an Advanced and Qualified eSignatures easy and effortlessly.




Data to insights in minutes 

Any data, any way. Dynamic Flows offer standard reporting or advanced reports based under Power BI. Collaborate on and share customized dashboards, on-premises and in the cloud.

Dynamic Flows is used globally by Private and Public organisations from one
to thousands of users. Today professionals depend on Dynamic Flows to get
work done in very different industry : Consultancy, Law Firms, Real Estate,
construction company, Financial sector, public organisations.


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